Monday, May 9, 2016

Consumer Finance Research Methods Toolkit (BETA Version) available now!

  • Are you curious about how to design a research project on Bitcoin? 
  • Interested in enlivening your interview research with object-centered methods or social network analysis? 
  • How do you adapt research on financial management practices in locations as different as the San Francisco Bay Area and the border area of Haiti and the Dominican Republic?

Find answers to these questions and more in our Consumer Finance Research Methods Toolkit.

Download a copy of the toolkit here!

Launched at IMTFI's Insight and Impact Conference, the Consumer Finance Research Methods Toolkit is a collaborative project led by Erin Taylor and Gawain Lynch. It demonstrates how a range of qualitative and quantitative methods can be applied to research problems in consumer finance. The CFRM Toolkit is intended for a wide audience, professional and academic. Web-based and free to use, toolkit features include:

Methods: time tested, innovative, and money-specific research methods

Case Studies: all sectors of consumer finance research

Resources: links to further reading, relevant institutions, and data sources

The toolkit is a "living document." We hope to incorporate your suggestions, ideas for content, further case studies and useful resources.

Please send comments and feedback to or you can complete our user experience form.

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