Friday, September 5, 2014

Domesticizing Financial Economies: A Mini-Conference Report

IMTFI Fellow José Ossandón recently co-organized a mini-conference on "Domesticizing Financial Economies: Knitting Fibers of Transaction, Algorithm, and Exchange." The event was part of a meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics in July 2014. IMTFI Fellows Isabelle Guèrin and Magdalena Villarreal also participated, presenting results from their project on credit and wealth in India and Mexico, along with Lya Niño, who presented with Villarreal about their new research on the everyday economic practice of juggling currencies in trans-border contexts.

José and his co-organizers Mariana Luzzi and Jeanne Lazarus wrote about the event and several of the issues raised there for the Estudios de la Economía blog and the Charisma Network. They explain that presenters focused on both the work of credit scoring and evaluations and on the consumer side of finance, and they suggest that research that complicates our understandings of the poor's financial ecologies allows us to re-think models of financial inclusion as well.

Read the entire report here!

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