Monday, February 25, 2013

Researchers at frog design ask: do you want to live?

In the next week, frog design researchers will be publishing a series of posts on Core 77 design magazine.  Make sure you take a look! These posts (and the incredible photos that we know the frog team for) will focus on researchers' experiences working for commercial and non-commercial clients in places like Afghanistan; post-revolution Egypt; Rwanda; Burundi; Brazil, Ethiopia; South Sudan; India and China.  Coinciding with the publication of their new report, In The Hands of God: A Study of Risk and Savings in Afghanistan, they will take on topics of financial inclusion, healthcare, automotive, fast moving consumer goods.

 Core 77  announces the plan:
The series starts on Tuesday (tomorrow) with a deep dive onto the streets of Kabul and Herat with a post on how to mitigate risk. On Wednesday we'll be donning more conservative clothes and covering issues around researching extreme gender dynamics. On Thursday we'll publish the report itself, putting these issues into the context of what the team learned and how impacts future designs in Afghanistan and beyond. On Friday we'll shift gears and look at the emotional highs and lows of conducting this kind of research. In the following week we'll look at how to manage expectations in your organisation that understandably is a tad nervous as what you're getting up to in field; and turn out attention to conducting rural research.
Be sure to click through.  The project was co-funded by frog design and IMTFI, and the posts and images are going to be truly incredible.

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