Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Comics help women become super savers in India: see the pages

Research by IMTFI fellows Deepti KC and Mudita Tiwari part 2 featured in The Guardian Visa Partner Zone 

Deepti KC and Mudita Tiwari's  comic books to help women from low-income communities to save money features eight illustrated tales document the financial problems – based on real life in Mumbai – that the female characters face, and how they resolve crises through managing and modifying behaviors.

Comic books about characters like themselves help women in India and other developing economies learn about personal finances. Photograph: IMTFI and IFMR LEAD
"From the slums of India, two comic book heroines have sprung."
Researchers found that any tool meant to educate women about the power of a safe, informal banking channel must appeal to children and women, be respectful, and show the challenges that female entrepreneurs face when managing their income without access to convenient financial services. 

A comic book and illustrated characters mirroring these women provides the perfect, immersive vehicle. So Tiwari and KC worked with worked with Creative Rats, a design and illustration company based in Baroda, India. With its creative director, Ritesh Gohil as illustrator, the comics tell stories of two relatable characters – Saraswati, a vegetable vendor, and Radha who works at a factory making thin, crisp wafers called “papad”. Both work in a big urban slum."

View pages of the comics in Part 2 of this blogpost from The Guardian please visit:

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