Monday, March 21, 2016

"The Mobile Money Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa" in The African Technopolitan Magazine

Take a look at IMTFI Postdoctoral Scholar Mrinalini Tankha's article, The Mobile Money Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa, featured in the most recent issue of the African Technopolitan, a magazine of the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS).

The article is part of the January 2016 issue on "The Poverty of Development Strategy in Africa" and provides a comprehensive look into IMTFI's research findings in Sub-Saharan African since 2009. It traces shifts in the mobile money landscape and also discusses patterns that endure by highlighting the role of deep histories, rank and hierarchy, ritual and religion and the stickiness of trust in understanding user interaction and uptake of new technologies. The article further emphasizes the role of  locally embedded rich qualitative research and offers suggestions for new future directions in mobile money research in the region.

Read the rest of the issue here.

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