Thursday, March 5, 2015

10 barriers to boosting inclusive growth - Bill Maurer in conversation on The Guardian

On 26 Feb, IMTFI Director Bill Maurer livechatted on a panel, "Can mobile technology be a catalyst for inclusive growth?"(scroll down for full text of chat) with other mobile money experts in a Guardian series on Inclusive Growth, which is supported by MasterCard.

The idea of the chat which involved members from Policy Exchange, CGAP, TechChange, the Better than Cash Alliance, and other organizations, was to understand how mobile technology can help fight inequality and boost inclusive growth.

Here is a roundup of the "10 barriers to using mobile technology to fight inequality" to whet your appetite for more:
  1. Phone charging 
  2. Lack of personal ID 
  3. Literacy and language
  4. Lack of partnerships
  5. Focus on technology not people
  6. Gender inequality
  7. Misunderstanding local need
  8. Lack of digital skills
  9. Complex regulatory frameworks
  10. Poorer communities have been ignored 

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