Tuesday, March 31, 2015

IMTFI video - What do we do?

By IMTFI Graduate Research Assistant, Nathan Dobson

The IMTFI team with the help of Steve McCord, a freelance videographer, have made an introductory video to our work. We are really quite proud of it so please send it to your friends and family and click, click, click to get the number of views up.

December was an especially busy month for the IMTFI team as we shot the video around the time of the sixth annual conference. Steve set up shop in our offices for a few days before the conference in order to capture some of our work. He took pictures and film of us in action and gathered data on our archives and collection of money artifacts. The excellent production of the film speaks to the amount that he learnt about us in a short space of time.

There have already been a number of exciting developments since the video. Graduate student researcher, Stevie Rea has made a roundup blog post bringing together different strands of the interviews that he conducted over the course of the conference. The videographer, Steve McCord has since been invited by a number of our researchers to do collaborative projects with them in their fields. And the video has already been viewed and shared by researchers and interested parties from Borneo to Birmingham. So sit back and enjoy the show!

To see other IMTFI-related videos visit the IMTFI YouTube site.

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