Thursday, July 2, 2015

Free Special Issue of ITID

A new, special issue of the journal Information Technologies and International Development (ITID), co-edited by IMTFI external advisory board's Jonathan Donner, is now freely available at the ITID website.

ITID is an interdisciplinary open-access journal that focuses on the intersection of information and communication technologies (ICTs) with the "other four billion" – the share of the world population whose countries are not yet widely connected to the Internet nor widely considered in the design of new information technologies.

From Jonathan's blog and the introduction to the special issue:
"Taking these articles together, we gain a fuller picture of the roles and impacts of information access on ongoing development processes, including not only the design and use of specific technological solutions, but also their relationships to specific user, social, and policy contexts. As digital access grows in developing countries, we can imagine that these findings will be relevant to a broad range of both public and private actors seeking to better understand the design, uses, and impacts of ICTs in developing countries."

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